How do you know if a girl wants a casual relationship?

Keeping things casual in relationships is a great way to stay flexible and avoid committing too early. However, sometimes the lines between hookup and lover become blurred.

If your partner goes out of their way to make you feel special, it could be a sign that they want more than just a casual relationship.

She’s asking you questions

She wouldn’t spend a lot of time asking you about your family, friends, work, hobbies and so on if she was only interested in a casual relationship. But she is interested in learning more about you and wants to make sure that you are the right partner for her.

She asks you about your future goals and how you want to shape your life. She may even share with you some of her own plans. This is another sign that she is thinking about you in a more serious way.

She is making plans left and right to see you, which is a very clear indication that she has moved past the casual stage of your relationship and is starting to look for something more committed. You are her number one priority at the moment and she isn’t willing to settle for anything less than a romantic relationship with you. If this is how you feel too, then it’s time to take things further.

She’s doing caring things for you

It’s important to know what your partner wants from the relationship. It’s even more important to know if you want the same thing. While some people are very upfront about what they want, others are less obvious. Often, you will find yourself with someone who says they just want something casual, but then they start dropping subtle hints that they actually want more.

One of the first signs is when she starts doing caring things for you. She might give you a small gift, or she might even start thinking about where she wants to live and how many kids she wants. She might also begin to talk about past relationships and how she wants to keep you around.

Another big sign is when she begins to make plans with you and declines invitations from other friends. This is a sign that she doesn’t want to see anyone else and has made you a priority in her life.

She’s showing interest in your friends and family

When you’re in a casual relationship, it is pretty common to not introduce one another to your friends and family. However, if she insists on doing this, then it’s likely that she sees you as more than just a casual hookup. This is a sign that she wants to know your inner circle so that she can figure out if she wants you around for the long-term.

It’s also a good sign if she asks you to help her move house or confides in you about choices that she makes for her future. This shows that she trusts you and is starting to consider you as someone who could be her partner.

She might even start buying you gifts, which is a big sign that she’s moving past casual dating. This is especially true if she remembers your birthday or other special occasions. This is her way of showing how much she cares for you.

She’s spending more time with you

When someone begins to spend more time with you, it can be a sign that they are looking for something more serious. For example, if she starts spending more time at your place and wants to give you access to her friends and family, it means that she is considering you as more than just a casual relationship.

She also may start doing things like buying your favorite snacks or bringing you coffee. These are little things that show that she is thinking about you in a more significant way and cares about your happiness.

Another thing to look out for is her asking you about your future plans. This is a sign that she wants to know if you are serious about her and is trying to figure out if you want the same thing. It’s important to communicate with your partner about this so that you can decide the direction of your relationship together.